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Our Fees


$150.00 - $165.00

(Per Session)

Student Discounts Avaliable

Tertiary Students

(Per Session)

Pensioners Discounts Avaliable


(Per Session)

Discounts Avaliable for Patients on

Govt. Allowances

(Per Session)

o Health Insurance policies may cover Psychological Treatment.

o WINZ Beneficiaries or those on low income may be eligible for government support.

oACC will meet the cost for psychological services if clients are eligible.

- Sensitive Claim for psychological issues following sexual abuse.

- Psychological Services for clients with psychological issues secondary to a physical injury e.g. Traumatic Brain or Spinal Cord Injury.

o Student Psychologist. Reduced rates to see one of our Masters or Doctoral Level Students, all of whom are well trained in addition to being supervised by Lifespan Senior Psychologists.

Nutrition Consultations

Initial consultation

$150.00 (60 min)

Includes an eating pattern assessment, body composition assessment (optional), goal setting, and a new dietary and lifestyle programme.

Starter Package

$335.00 (Package)

An initial consultation (60 min) plus three follow-up appointments (3x30 min)

Follow-up appointment

$75.00 (30min)

Includes body composition assessment (optional) and evaluation of results. Alterations as necessary to the dietary and lifestyle programme.


From $225.00

Initial consultation (90 min) $225, follow-up appointment (45 min) $112. For two people who would like to support each other in making dietary and lifestyle changes.
Yoga Group

$20 per 1 hour Group Session