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Lifespan counselling & rehab

Helping you to navigate your way through life’s journey

Welcome to Lifespan. It is our privilege to help you.

We are called Lifespan Counselling & Rehabilitation because we are strongly committed to offering our help at any stage of your life. For some, the need for support is with them all their life,  while for others needs come and go, often at the most unexpected times.

At Lifespan we are ready to help you, whatever the situation and time.

Seek help at Lifespan in a supportive, safe and comfortable place. Lifespan are able to offer you this from either our City Based or North Shore locations.

Refer to contact us to see where the closest lifespan location is for you.

Our Services

We are a counselling service aimed at meeting your individual needs. We are a highly experienced team of psychologists. We believe that every person is unique and deals with their problems in different ways. It is our job to help you navigate your way through life’s journey. We try and make this process as simple and as straight forward as we can.

Lifespan Health Services
Our Philosophy

To provide an accessible service to best serve individuals and families with mental health issues to help manage change.

Problems and difficulties do happen in life. These can be managed by sharing the load with a professional person in a safe and confidential space.

Lifespan Health Philosophy
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