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John Dawson

Organisational Development Specialist; Business / Relationship Management & People Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Mediator.

• Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Lincoln)

• Diploma of Teaching (Auckland)

• Diploma of Facilitation and Coaching (Zenergy)

General Information and Work History:

John is am organisational, business and management consultant, working in this field over the years in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Turkey and Egypt. Group facilitation, leadership coaching and mediation are key methodologies used in working with clients.

John has worked for both public and private sector organisations in his work life. This includes sales management nationally in the hazardous waste industry, general management of a training and development organisation and co-director of a consultancy specialising in organisational and cultural change programmes in New Zealand and other countries.

Areas of Interest:

John uses a common-sense collaborative and client centred approach to managing workplace issues & change. His ability to combine strategic, operational and social dimensions appropriately at the same time distinguishes his work. He quickly gains an understanding of workplace issue(s) without becoming identified with the complexities and details in working effectively with your company or business requests.


•Strengths-Based Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders and Managers

•Personal effectiveness

•Leadership and Management Development

•Communication and Engagement

•Conflict Resolution and Mediation

•Cultural Development and Practice

•Strategic Plannings

•Operational Review, Process Improvement and Managing Change

•General HR services

•Recruitment and talent management

•Board, governance and directorship

•Strategy, capital and investments


Strengths-Based Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders and Managers

Our coaching approach is based on people achieving their goals through realistic and practical action; it is fundamentally person-centered and strengths-based.


Leadership and Management Development

Engaging and mobilizing leadership across an organisation requires a dedicated programme delivered consistently over time. Combining leadership essentials and people management skills, John provides specialized programme(s) including coaching and mentoring to suit organisational and individual needs.


Communication and Engagement

Clarity and engagement is critical to effective management. People want to be informed by their leader(s), inspired by them and acknowledged as being part of the success being achieved. John is able to support this regarding business plans, project plans, change plans or other.


Conflict Resolution and Mediation: Groups, Couples, Individuals

John works with groups, couples and individuals helping them to identify and resolve their differences effectively. Based on over 20 years of experience in this field, he brings a straightforward, fair approach, helping all those involved to efficiently clarify key issues, commitment for resolution and practical steps forward.


Cultural Development and Practice

How healthy is your organization’s culture? How positive is your workplace? Every organization has a culture; they are all unique and have a significant effect on organizational performance. However, culture and cultural practice are not often given due attention and resource and are more often taken for granted and even ignored as not being important. John can help you to understand and shape your organization’s culture to be high performing, healthy and sustainable. This is equally applicable for your team or specific key relationships.


Strategic Planning

John works with teams and organizations to develop their vision and strategic goals for the future, based on a clear purpose and principles. To produce clear and engaging plans is essential, so that everyone knows what it is and furthermore understands their place in it. John uses facilitated sessions and workshops so that employees are engaged in the process and contribute to getting the work done.


Operational Review, Process Improvement and Managing Change

Instead of reacting to the challenges brought about by growth and change, lets work with them effectively & mindfully. Working with organizations and teams, John helps you to clarify the operational and cultural components of issues. From there, you can identify areas for improvement, create and find possibilities and alternatives, and decide on the most practical and beneficial options.


•Individual sessions

•Facilitated group workshops

•Focus groups