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katie Streedharan
Katie Sreedharan

BA (Psych, German), Masters of Science (Health Psychology, First Class Hons.)
Post-graduate Diploma in Psychology (Health Psych) (University of Auckland)

• Registered Psychologist

General Information and Work History:

Katie has worked in a range of settings in Auckland, including hospitals and community home visits. She has provided assessment, education, one-to-one therapy, and post-injury and illness recovery and rehabilitation services. She also has experience working with people who have a range of disabilities.

Areas of focus: 

Katie specialises in and is passionate about the application of psychology to improving physical health and coping with physical health challenges. This includes chronic pain management, adjustment to physical health diagnoses eg. Diabetes, cancer diagnosis. She believes in understanding and improving health behaviours (such as screening attendance, adherence to medication, making lasting life-style changes, and managing chronic disease), improving patient communication with health providers, preventing disease and promoting health, as well as understanding the relationship between mental and physical health in order to treat a person as a whole. She has particular experience in the areas of diabetes and cardiac health care, and psycho-social rehabilitation after traumatic brain and spinal cord injury.

Katie has received training in a number of different therapy models and is particularly interested in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness in mental and physical health.