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Sally Webster

Media & Communications Consultant
Diploma in Fashion Design

General Information & Work History:
Sally is a writer who works in a variety of media – from national newspaper stories to community and online editorial, advertising copy, press releases and media profiles. Coming to writing after an earlier career in clothing design and production, Sally finds her experience with small business, copy and branding lends itself to identifying and tuning communication and media messages today.

Areas of focus:
Sally is passionate about unveiling mental and social illness in society, in order to promote mental wellness. She encourages open and sometimes provocative discussion about it through written media, and as such works to support and promote many organisations who strive for better mental and social health. In so doing, Sally hopes to improve quality of life for the increasing number of New Zealanders experiencing mental illness.Sally consults on behalf of lifespan to support any media and communications that educates about mental illnesses and promotes the well being of New Zealanders and their communities.